Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes.

Color Problems; a practical manual for the lay student of color, with one hundred and seventeen colored plates.
Circadian Press reissue, 2018 of the 1901 first edition.
There is a pocket in back for gels. The book serves as an introduction and summary of knowledge about color as understood in 1900. Included is a glossary of color terms and a bibliography. I believe it is the first book about color to include colored gels for viewing. Included are chapters on color-blindness, color theories, contrasts and complements, harmonies, as well as color from nature. A new edition is by Circadian Press with Sacred Bones Books that includes information about Emily Vanderpoel. It is a welcomed addition to the field. I find the color reproduction very good which would not be easy. Shown is plate XXIX, Table of Complements Arranged in a circle. Note the predominance of green.