Photograph by Anne Brigman, Infinitude

Photograph by Anne Brigman, Infinitude

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Photo, Anne Brigman circa 1910, Infinitude. 9.5 by 5.375 Signed in the photo with what appears to be a “10” to the lower right of the signature. Attached to a backing as found.


Anne used this image in her book Songs of a Pagan (1949) to illustrate her poem Hunger:

I long for the barren, windswept peaks
Where the stars burn clear in the midnight dome
And the panther screams to his mate at dawn…
Freezing the heart to its very bone.

I long for the thunder of wind in sails…
For the keening of storms in ropes on high…
For the stinging spray from charging waves
And the stormy petrels skimming by.

I long for the silence of desert lands…
For the velvet night and the whisper of stars…
For the gray wind’s sweep as it lifts the clouds
When the daystar pales and night unbars.

I long for a Presence…beloved and lost…
With a hunger a mortal must understand
Who was drunk of the wine of this human life……
And ocean and mountain, comfort his hand.

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